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Toshiba Phone System Overview

Toshiba phone systems offer the benefits of Hybrid technology. Toshiba's advanced hybrid system can be set up as an all digital phone system, an all IP phone system or as a Hybrid system.

Toshiba Phone System Features & Ease of Use.

A full-featured expandable 4-line telephone system with 4 phones starts at $1,650.00 plus tax, including installation, on-site training and one year on-site service. Cabling is additional if required. This telephone system can be expanded to handle 11 lines and 16 digital phones. Three larger phone systems are available accommodating up to 1,000 phones.

Toshiba Phone System Product Informatiion.

Many users benefit by combining VoIP and Digital- tailoring their phone system for the blend of leading edge technology and economy. Matching this with the range of Toshiba phone systems which are cost-effective from as few as 4 phones up to 1,000 phones results in a budget-friendly long-term investment.

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