Nortel Phone System BCM 50

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BCM 50 IP Phone

Norstar Upgrade - BCM 50.

The BCM 50 is an affordable Nortel phone system platform for converged communications. A Norstar successor, the BCM 50 is designed for small to medium businesses with 3 to 50 users. It retains the Norstar format but adds up-to-date BCM 50 benefits. The BCM 50 features include an enhanced conferencing package, IP sets and mobility sets. And you don't have to replace existing Norstar phones.

Discover the Economics of Upgrading Your Norstar system to the BCM 50.

Existing Norstar users can upgrade to a State-of-the-Art hybrid BCM 50 system without the expense of replacing their existing Norstar phones. M7324, M7310 and M7208 phones and Norstar T7316 and T7208 phones can be used on the BCM 50 with access to most of the enhanced features.

BCM 50 - The Nortel Phone System from Digital to IP.

Many users benefit by upgrading their Norstar system to a BCM 50 combining IP and Digital- tailoring their phone system for the blend of leading edge technology and economy. As with the Norstar, the BCM 50 and larger Nortel phone systems are cost-effective from as few as 4 phones up to 200 phones.

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