Cisco Phone System UC 500

UC 500 Series

Cisco Phone System UC 500 Series Overview

The UC 500 Series Cisco phone system offers the benefits of VoIP technology from the #1 supplier of IP systems. The UC 500 Series Cisco phone system is designed as an all-in-one unified communications appliance. It follows the Cisco phone system format of Cisco's enterprise-class systems. But the UC 500 Series is priced to fit the the budgetary requirements of the SMB marketplace. It is a state-of-the-art converged appliance that combines voice, data, video and security.

Cisco Phone System UC 500 Series Capacity

A full-featured expandable 4-line telephone system with 4 phones and voice mail starts at under $5,000.00 plus tax, including installation, on-site training and one year on-site service. Cabling is additional if required.
This telephone system can be expanded to handle T1 and Pri lines lines and up to one-site IP phones and 4 Remote IP sets.

Cisco Phone System UC 500 Series Phones & Functions

One of the main strengths of Cisco phone systems is the extensive array of phone appliances. Over 25 models of IP phones are available for use on the Cisco Phone System UC 500 Series. These IP phones range from basic low cost utility/courtesy units to highly-featured cost-effective office sets to high-end color touchscreen executive sets. In addition, computer-screen soft sets and video communications cameras can be added.

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